Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the beginning...

For starters, this is an unofficial writing. By this I mean that I do not hold it to the highest standards of using primary sources (as most of it will be from online webpages) and will not be a fit writing of perfection (as most of it will be my practice trial and error run for my assignment and papers and will not be rechecked for errors). If any of my professors or friends read this; not that this blog will not follow the exact and serious writing that are accepted by institutions. The Chicago Manual of Style will also be followed as best as I can with this blog but I cannot guarantee to be error free. I will also do this aside and secondary to my research papers and assignments so the content will vary in size and timely effort.
With all the preliminary cautions aside, here I will write about historical moments in aviation. However, I will focus mostly on small historical details or aircraft that have been obscured or largely ignored by the mainstream media and population. Everyone knows about the U-2 spyplane and the DC-9 aircraft, but few know of the U-2 chase cars and the Playboy Bunny jet. So in short, I will try to do this as interesting as possible in order for, you, the reader and I can enjoy this blog. With this in consideration, welcome to Just Plane History!

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